Convocation Executive plans minibus fundraiser for KAB

Convocation Executive plans minibus fundraiser for KAB

During the Kabale University convocation’s executive meeting today, members discussed several avenues for promoting the old students’ association and building the university. At the daylong meeting on the University’s Kikungiri Hill campus, the alumni who are the primary members of the association laid strategies for the growth of the university. Mr Isaiah Byaruhanga Kanyamahane presided over the meeting and expressed optimism that the convocation is heading in the right direction.

Mr Isaiah Kanyamahane The KAB Convocation Chairperson

Kabale University convocation is an association of former students who have completed their studies at Kabale University. Additionally, all university staff become associate members. For this year, the KAB Convocation set a goal to raise money for a minibus that they would like to donate to the university. This initiative is greatly welcomed by the university management, who believe it will improve transportation for students and staff.

In order to launch this fundraising drive, a marathon will be held and a running kit will be sold for 30,000 Ugandan Shillings from the office of the academic registrar. Some members of the convocation, staff, and students of the university have already purchased these kits. It is planned that the marathon will take place in October, comprising 10 kilometers of running and 5 kilometers of walking. At this event, University Vice-Chancellor Professor Joy C Kwesiga will be the chief walker.

In 2015, Kabale University became a public university after starting as a private institution in 2022. In recent years, the number of university alumni has increased. Kabale University has a number of alumni from neighboring countries such as Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Burundi. As the university celebrates growth in its student and staff populations, she is also building an expansive alumni network. This growth in the alumni population is anticipated to benefit the university immensely, according to the KAB Convocation executive.

In addition to the university coming of age, her alumni are spreading across the country and becoming powerful agents of change. Isaac Kanyamahane expressed appreciation for the convocation’s ability to keep the university visible. The KAB convocation donated t-shirts and wheeler bins to the university during the June graduation. Currently, these are used in the collection and disposal of trash. Additionally, they played a friendly football game with the university’s continuing students. Besides this, Kabale University was also featured in a number of radio talk shows organized by the Convocation.

The University Academic Registrar, who also doubles as the Convocation General Secretary, expressed his delight that the convocation is continuing to advance the university. At the meeting, a roadmap was sent for the fundraiser for the Minibus (Coaster). Additionally, they expressed their appreciation to the university administration for its support. Organizers hoped as many staff members as possible would join the marathon fundraising campaign.

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  • Stuart Tumwesigye Reply

    In 2015, Kabale University became a public university after starting as a private institution in 2022. “It be In 2015, Kabale University became a public university after starting as a private institution in 2001”.

    September 16, 2023 at 7:30 pm

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