Kabale University Showcases Innovative Herbal Remedy for Arthritis at National Science Week

Kabale University Showcases Innovative Herbal Remedy for Arthritis at National Science Week

Kabale University took part in the National Science Week hosted at the Kololo ceremonial grounds, where they exhibited a unique herbal remedy for arthritis known as KABRITIS.

This year’s science week began on November 6th and ran through November 11 themed “Our Science Led Journey towards Social- Economic Development – Uganda Tusimbudde”

Kabale University proudly presented its innovative contribution to the area of natural remedies. The university’s exhibit, led by a team of dedicated researchers and scientists in the Faculty of Science Department of Chemistry, shone a spotlight on KABRITIS, an herbal remedy meticulously formulated to improve symptoms of arthritis.

The event, a celebration of scientific advancements and innovations across various disciplines, provided an ideal platform for Kabale University to showcase its commitment to scientific research and healthcare innovation.

Dr. George Kwesiga a natural products and synthetic organic chemist together with Dr. Buyinza Daniel a Phytochemist led the research team where they explained the significance of KABRITIS.

“Our herbal remedy, KABRITIS, is the result of extensive research into natural ingredients known for their anti-inflammatory properties. It aims to offer relief to individuals suffering from arthritis, providing a complete and sustainable approach to managing this condition.”

Visitors flocked to the Kabale University exhibit, intrigued by the scientific basis and effectiveness of KABRITIS. The university’s team engaged enthusiastically with attendees, discussing the research process, benefits, and the potential impact of this herbal remedy on arthritis patients.

Speaking during the opening ceremony Dr. Monica Musenero the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation mentioned that the goal of this year’s Science Week is to demonstrate how invention, science, and technology advance our country and how scientists and inventors generate new ideas.

” We are concentrating on bringing many of the ideas that have developed this year and are now well-articulated to investors” added Dr. Monica Musenero

Dr. Monica Musenero also said that the National Science Week at Kololo was a platform where Investors could meet Ugandan innovators and connect.

In attendance was also the Ugandan Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja who expressed her admiration for the diverse array of innovations exhibited during the Exhibition.

According to her, Ugandan scientists have made every effort to elevate their nation’s space technology.

The participation of Kabale University in the National Science Week not only highlights the institution’s dedication to scientific exploration but also emphasizes its commitment to addressing societal health challenges through innovative and sustainable solutions.

The university’s presence and the enthusiastic reception of KABRITIS at the National Science Week serves as a testament to Kabale University’s ongoing efforts in pioneering research and its contributions to advancements in healthcare innovation and natural remedies for prevalent health conditions like arthritis.

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