Bridging theory-practice GAP: Department of Tourism and Hospitality

Bridging theory-practice GAP: Department of Tourism and Hospitality

At Kabale University, we always aim at balancing practice and theory. In furtherance of the same, our Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management organised a one day demonstration in June. It was organised on campus as an outdoor leadership skill training camp. This was a practical exposer for the students in the department.

Several outdoor camping drills were done under the supervision of the university facilitators led by the Head of Department Dr. Nuwe John Bosco, Dr. Christine Ampumuza and Mr. Akarambuzi. Among others, the demonstrations included:  Camping gear handling, use of navigation equipment, Preparation of quick food, roasting and bakery, waste management. There was emphasis on sustainable business practices as evidenced in the good practices of reduce, recycle & reuse.

Participants were exposed to expected safety & first aid drills which are priorities for any professional guide or tour team leader. Besides these, students also lit a camp fire as climax of the demonstration.

By Godfrey Sempungu
Senior Communications and Branding Officer

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  • Taddeo Reply

    This is amazing work. Weldone team KAB

    August 30, 2021 at 8:06 am

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