Transforming Communities through community based interventions.

Transforming Communities through community based interventions.

As part of the community engagement mandate of Kabale University, the Faculty of Engineering, Technology, Applied Design and Fine Art (FETADFA) is supporting two (2) vulnerable families within the neighboring community by providing them with 4,000 litre capacity rainwater harvesting tanks. It has been realized that some urban people suffer lack of access to safe drinking water, despite being within reach of a public water source, due to the fact that they cannot afford the costs of water.

In a preliminary stage, the FETADFA engaged the local authorities from the communities of Rutooma, Nyakiharo and Nyakambu to carefully identify the most vulnerable families within these communities and engage engineering students to construct 4,000 litre rainwater harvesting tanks and install a water harvesting system comprised of gutters and downpipes on their houses.

Munyampetere Jane, a widow aged 65 and living with seven others and Tibifumura Regina, also a widow, aged 72 and living with four children including her own daughter who is not mentally stable, were selected to benefit from this University service.

The expected impact from this project will be reduction of water-related diseases for these families which will be supported with the water tanks, reduced expenditure on safe water and increased water consumption which is key to improved health and hygiene.

The students are in turn enhancing their skills in rainwater harvesting design and construction, teamwork and community engagement.

By Philip Tibenderana

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    This is a very good service rendered to the community.
    Thanks to the faculty and kabale university in general

    August 12, 2021 at 3:51 pm

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