Equipping women with Working and Family management skills

Equipping women with Working and Family management skills

On the 14th November 2018, Kabale University female staff organized a day workshop. This workshop was intended to equip women with Working and Family management skills, women shared ideas on how best they can balance family and work. How they can be the best mothers, family mangers and also excel and advance in their different careers.

Officiating at the workshop, the Vice-Chancellor Prof. Joy C. Kwesiga, congratulated women upon organizing this forum meant to unite and develop female staff. She narrated how traditionally Universities were not meant for women and therefore a new area for Women.

She cited some examples, at Oxford University the first women to graduate were never given certificates, at Makerere University the first Motto of the University was “let us be Men” with such examples Prof. Kwesiga said, it’s upon women to think about themselves not waiting for others to think for them and she said “as women am very happy that you have started”. Professor Kwesiga appreciated University Management for supporting  this workshop for female Staff at Kabale University.

The Workshop was facilitated by Dr. Euzobia M. Mugisha and Dr. Florence Musimenta both who are strong Women Activists. They shared to women different experiences both in career as working women and family as mothers and wives with extra responsibilities. Women were challenged to be strategic such that they are able to succeed in both responsibilities .

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