KAB receives UNDP representatives to perform a needs assessment for the Regional Business Innovation Center

KAB receives UNDP representatives to perform a needs assessment for the Regional Business Innovation Center

A team of guests from the UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) is at Kabale University to conduct a needs assessment for the establishment of the Regional Business Innovation and Incubation Center.

According to Dr. Arthur Sunday, the purpose of this assessment is to identify the specific needs and challenges faced by the Business Incubation Hub, especially in relation to the YouthConnect program.

During the visit, the UNDP team probably interacted with stakeholders, observed the operations and activities of the Business Incubation Hub, and gathered relevant data to understand the challenges and opportunities present in the context of the YouthConnect initiative.

The representatives from UNDP were welcomed by the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Joy Kwesiga, expressed her appreciation for the support that UNDP provides to the university. She commended the Resident Representative for UNDP, Ms. Elssie Ataffua, for her continuous support and positive inspiration towards KAB. “We, as a university shall continue to do what is required of us and also deliver to our best”, she added.

Mr. Nathan Tumuhamye, the team leader and Programme Analyst responsible for Exploration at UNDP, acknowledged that KAB stands out as one of the dynamic and rapidly expanding universities in Uganda. He also mentioned that KAB has successfully met all the necessary criteria, making it eligible for the next round of funding from UNDP

He noted that the Business Incubation Center is an initiative by UNDP to support KAB as centers of innovation which can attract the private sector investment. “We are here to strengthen the public universities to carry out research and do translation of new products to ways that can help the private sector players”, he added.

Mr. Tumuhamye also said that UNDP is currently operating in 10 countries under the program of fostering innovation echo systems in public universities which is aimed at mobilizing 10 billion US dollars to support African universities as centers of innovations to spur development.

UNDP often collaborates with various countries and organizations to support their development goals. The Business Incubation Hub is facility designed to nurture and support startup businesses to foster entrepreneurship and economic growth in the region.

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  • James S. K Reply

    This is great news. However, the views of alumni could also count as some have gone through entrepreneurship programs and incubations were undp is also involved.

    July 25, 2023 at 11:21 am

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