Kabale University students win the Africa Science Communication Competition.

Kabale University students win the Africa Science Communication Competition.

A team of brilliant minds from Kabale University has emerged victorious in the prestigious #Africa 2023 Science Communication Competition, under the theme “Saving Swamps to Conserve Biodiversity in a Changing Climate.”

Ainembabazi Patience and Arinaitwe Rebecca garnered recognition for their compelling blog titled “Preserving River Katonga Swamp: A Vital Strategy for Biodiversity Conservation Amidst Climate Change.”

The news about the winners was shared by InfoNile on the evening of 17th November on their X platform saying “Congratulations! ?? FIRST PLACE?A big congratulations Team Uganda ?? for making it top of #SciComm Competition for #Africa 2023 under theme; Saving Swamps to Conserve Biodiversity in a Changing Climate. The team produced a blog: https://bit.ly/preserving-river-katonga-swamp

The competition, which drew participants from universities from Rwanda, Nigeria, and other African countries, provided a platform for potential scientists and communicators to spotlight critical environmental issues and propose innovative solutions. The winning team from Kabale University seized the opportunity to shed light on the significance of preserving the River Katonga Swamp—a crucial ecosystem in Uganda facing threats due to climate change and human activities.

The team’s blog eloquently highlighted the unique biodiversity hosted by the River Katonga Swamp and underscored the imminent risks posed by climate change-induced alterations to the ecosystem. Their compelling narrative emphasized the importance of safeguarding this vital habitat, showcasing the interdependence between the swamp and the diverse array of flora and fauna it sustains.

The blog Katonga Swamp’s degradation highlights the importance of preserving natural ecosystems. These ecosystems provide essential services, including biodiversity support, water regulation, water purification, climate change mitigation, and livelihood support

The blog effectively conveyed the team’s innovative strategies for preserving the River Katonga Swamp, including community engagement programs, reforestation initiatives, and sustainable land-use practices. It also outlined the role of science communication in fostering public understanding and support for conservation efforts.

The victory of Kabale University students in the competition has brought significant recognition to both the university and the broader environmental conservation efforts in Uganda. Their innovative approach to raising awareness and advocating for the preservation of the River Katonga Swamp serves as an inspiration for future generations of environmental stewards.

The Africa 2023 Science Communication Competition was held in partnership with the Water and Development Partnership Programme, Institute for Water Education under the Auspices of UNESCO, JRS Biodiversity Foundation, nilewell, Water Journalists Africa.

The Africa 2023  Science Communication competition aimed to engage university students in Africa to understand the critical role of conserving swamps and their biodiversity and also foster environmental awareness and empower young scientists and conservationists in Africa to take action for swamps

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  • Arinaitwe Emmanuel Habarwasha Reply

    Thank you so much Kabale University team, you have made us proud.

    November 22, 2023 at 9:46 am
  • PATIENCE Reply

    wow we are really happy and honored ,ready to speak science always

    November 27, 2023 at 10:24 am

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