The Uganda AIDS Commission conducts an empowering workshop at KAB to tackle the spread of HIV/AIDS

The Uganda AIDS Commission conducts an empowering workshop at KAB to tackle the spread of HIV/AIDS

As part of a united initiative to counter the increasing spread of HIV/AIDS among young people, the Uganda AIDS Commission organized an extensive workshop to empower KAB students with knowledge and skills to fight the Pandemic at the Main University KABSOM Hall.

The event  that was centered on the theme, ‘Tackling the Widespread Dissemination of HIV Among the Youth,’ was organized by the office of the Guild President and drew a substantial turnout of students from various faculties. The workshop was organized ahead of the International Youth Day celebrations in Kigezi.

HIV/AIDS, a pandemic with historical continuity, has prompted collaborative endeavors to formulate vaccines. Nonetheless, the World Health Organization continues to stress that HIV/AIDS remains a pressing global public health concern

According to the information posted on The Uganda AIDS Commission’s Twitter platform, Young People between the ages of 15 and 25 stand at a prevalence rate of 2.5% among women and 1.0% in Men, pointing to the need to strengthen sensitization and information sharing on HIV prevention

The event aimed to foster awareness, education, and open dialogue about the critical issue of HIV/AIDS among the young population. Some of the speakers at the workshop included Mr. Michael Matsiko the western Region coordinator, Ms. Mary Namuyomba the Accreditation Officer Uganda AIDS Commission.

Mr. Michael Matsiko emphasized the urgent need for effective strategies to curb the rising incidence of HIV/AIDS among the youth. “Our responsibility is not only to provide information but to empower our young generation with the tools and knowledge they need to protect themselves and make informed choices,” she stated passionately.

Mr. Matsiko further noted that the focus of the event was to promote safe behaviors, encouraging responsible decision-making, and addressing misconceptions surrounding HIV/AIDS.

“As the nation grapples with the challenge of curbing the spread of HIV/AIDS, KAB’s proactive approach serves as a ray of hope, demonstrating that concerted efforts can lead to a brighter future where the youth are equipped to make informed decisions and contribute positively to society’s well-being”, Mr. Matsiko added.

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