Malnutrition Digital Assistant Project

Malnutrition Digital Assistant Project

We congratulate our Faculty of Computing, Library and Information Sciences for their fund winning proposal to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation. The synergistic project team is composed of both staff and students and led by the Faculty Dean, who is also a Senior Lecturer in Information Technology; Dr. Businge Phelix Mbabazi. The project was approved after a successful review by the Program steering Committee of the National Research and Innovation Program (NRIP)

The award total funding is Uganda shillings 120 million. The project is about the development of a Malnutrition Digital Assistant (MDA) Application. This innovation will respond to the need for easy, quick, accurate and improved screening, diagnosis and treatment of malnutrition and also increase awareness about malnutrition causes and the possible remedies among the public.

With the development of the MDA app, nutrition health workers will have to spend a minimal amount of time carrying out diagnosis of malnutrition cases and be able to provide the possible remedies in the shortest time possible than they take at the moment. Since the time required would have greatly reduced, this will go a long way in cancelling out the effect of the big doctor to patient ratio since medical personnel would be able to handle a number of cases and provide the possible remedies in the shortest time possible.

The app will as well help parents and caretakers to have easy access to vast of information about malnutrition causes, effects and remedies at their fingertips. MDA will hugely positively impact early, easy and accurate identification of children suffering from malnutrition thereby reducing the treatment time, mortality rate, government costs and also increase awareness in a most cost-effective manner.

The other project members of the project implementation team are, Zziwa Derrick 2nd Year Computer Science Student, Dr. Mercy Nwankwo Lecturer-KABSOM, Mr. Tamale Michael Assistant Lecturer –Computer Science, Kakooza Aziizi 2nd Year IT Student, Mukisa Adrian 2nd Year Computer Science Student, Musiime Alozious  2nd Year IT  Student

By Godfrey Sempungu

Senior Communications and Branding Officer

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  • Allen Babugura Reply

    Congratulations Team! There are many useful ideas asleep in our minds. Our work enviroments (KAB in your case) help us to wake them, actualize them and apply them. Way to go, Team. Keep going!

    July 7, 2021 at 8:01 am

    Congratulations our dear Dean Dr. Mbabazi and team, Kabale University is rapidly becoming a source of innovation and it is fostering research based learning more than ever. long live KAB

    July 7, 2021 at 11:13 am

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