The Institute of Language Studies of Kabale University Bids Prof. Egara Kabagi Farewell

The Institute of Language Studies of Kabale University Bids Prof. Egara Kabagi Farewell

The vibrant Institute of Language Studies (IOLS) of Kabale University houses the departments of English, French and African Languages (Kiswahili and Runyakitara). On 16th May 2022, the members of the Institute of Language Studies met in the University Boardroom to bid farewell to Prof. Egara Kabagi, a visiting scholar from Kenyatta University. His visit was courtesy of the exchange programme of the Inter-University Council for East Africa (IUCEA).

At that function, Dr. Tukwasibwe Constance (the Head of the Department for English) appreciated Prof. Egara Kabagi for choosing Kabale University. The visiting scholar was also lauded for his enthusiasm for creative writing, a spirit he had ignited in the students of Language (English, French, Kiswahili, and Runyakitara) of Kabale University. Dr. Tukwasibwe also appreciated Prof. Egara for working with members of the department in the writing of new programmes like Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. She believed that with the hard work and concerted efforts of all members, the course would be accredited by NCHE. She also requested some members who had worked very closely with Prof. Egara to share the memorable moments they had had with him. Prof. Muranga, Mrs. Ariiho Lucky and Dr. Ocan Johnson described the visiting scholar as humble, patient, and intelligent, and committed.

The Director of the Institute of Language Studies, Dr. Majariwa David, also expressed his gratitude towards Prof. Egara Kabagi. According to the Director, Prof. Egara Kabagi is a very resourceful person whose coming to the University was a blessing. The Director wished members had a long time with him in which case, they would accomplish more projects.  He enumerated a number of programmes and projects which the visiting scholar had participated in among which was organising a successful creative writing workshop.

The visiting scholar, Prof. Egara Kabagi, was short of words for the kind gesture all members of the Institute of Language Studies had expressed in bidding him farewell. He recapitulated the fond memories of the Kigezi-a region that he had traversed during his stay in Kabale. He also highlighted a number of projects he would continue to work on partnering with members of the Institute such as research projects, anthologies and short story collections. He encouraged members to utilize such projects and partnerships to exhaust their potential in matters to do with research and publication. He also suggested that the University starts an online TV and Radio and pledged his technical support to the University with regard to the former and latter projects. The end of his visit at Kabale University was crowned with the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Kabale University and Kenyatta University. The two institutions were represented by Kabale University authorities and Prof. Egara Kabagi respectively.

The Deputy Academic Registrar, Canon Benon Freddie Kwizera, appreciated the services of Prof. Egara Kabagi. He also commended the convivial and collegial spirit exhibited by all members of the Institute of Language Studies. That all members had warmly welcomed the visiting scholar was not to be underrated.

The ceremony was crowned with the handing over of a gift from IOLS to the visiting scholar by the Academic Registrar.

By Arineitwe Evaristo

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    We enjoyed to have him as students, please come again Prof

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