1st statement by Kabale University on the Corona Virus (COVID: 19)

1st statement by Kabale University on the Corona Virus (COVID: 19)

As the Country and indeed the entire globe remains in a lockdown due to the global pandemic of the Corona Virus Disease (COVID-19), Universities are called upon to join efforts of Government to the collective fight against this pandemic.

Kabale University through its Management, staff and the School of Medicine in direct Partnership with Kabale Regional Referral Hospital and the District Task Team (DTT) has been involved in the fight against the Pandemic at various levels.

The University has supported the DTT in a number of ways. Among the key interventions include the following:-

  • Kabale University School of Medicine (KABSOM) staff have been involved on all the district committees. The medical school was involved in the establishment of the district response team, where the Medical School staff also serve on the Surveillance Committee, the Case Management Committee, the Logistics Management Committee, the District Coordination Committee, and the Psycho-Social Committee.
  • Kabale University through its management offered a University Van which has been providing critical transport services to the task team and members of the public especially pregnant mothers who need urgent medical attention. The vehicle is responsible for all town movements. This intervention was found prudent given the lack of public transportation services during this lockdown.
  • Management was among the first institutions to provide 200 litres of fuel and a driver to the District Corona Task Force. This provided initial logistical support which was needed to allow effective movement.
  • Kabale University staff have made individual monetary contributions which shall be provided alongside other logistical support by the University Management to address urgent matters relevant to the pandemic. Management is very appreciative of this patriotic spirit and urges the rest of the staff who may not have heard of this initiative to endeavour to take part.
  • In addition to the above interventions, at its special extra-ordinary Management Meeting held on 9th April 2020, the meeting agreed on a number of further activities which needed to be undertaken. Among the key actions agreed upon include:-
  • The critical staff of the Kabale University School of Medicine be recalled by the Dean, and be made available to join other health professionals to handle any emergencies during this period. They will work with the Regional Hospital staff through an already existing Memorandum of Understanding and will further coordinate with District Task Teams.
  • The University will support the Regional Hospital through some emergency construction works on the existing facilities to have a degree of preparedness for the possible outbreak. This will be undertaken by the University Estates Department and the Faculty of Engineering.
  • The School of Medicine will increase its vigilance by providing appropriate information to the general public. This will be through various fora, including updates on Website; Radio Talk Shows, Circulars, and others.
  • The School of Medicine, together with the Regional Referral Hospital, and the District Task Force will endeavour to urgently coordinate with all District Hospitals and Health Centres, to build synergies in fighting COVID-19 and to regularly share information.
  • The School of Medicine will undertake required information collection, analysis and sharing on COVID 19. This will involve creating appropriate social media accounts and working with the ICT Unit of the University to maintain an up-to-date information portal on the Corona Virus.
  • The University will coordinate with the District Task Teams and work with other local and national partners to undertake fundraising activities for other urgent activities like the Isolation Centres which are still not yet fully arranged.
  • The University Secretary was directed to work with the relevant District Task Team structures to get movement permits for the relevant staff who will be involved in undertaking the above interventions.
  • The teams that were given responsibilities will report on a weekly basis and the updates will be used to provide further public and University staff updates.

Let us all join hands and support government efforts in the fight again Corona Virus. Be Safe.



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