Welcome Freshers

Welcome Freshers

With open arms
We say this to all
Never mind the plane
That conveyed you here
Never mind the vehicle.

From diverse corners
Of Africa’s pearl
Never mind the tribe
You hail, congregate here
Never mind the home.

Kab knows no walls
We say this to all
Never mind the gate
Just ushered you here
Never mind the fence.

Teacher or nurse
Businessman, name all
Never mind the trade
We deem you   all dear
Never mind the programme.

Welcome to academics
Nyabikoni , Kikungiri, name all
Never mind  Makanga
“Karibuni sana” here
Never mind the campus.

John Michael Edoru
Quality Assurance Officer

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  • MWISENEZA Jean Aimé Reply

    and tell us when
    graduation will be take
    this year 2017.

    August 22, 2017 at 5:48 am

    I have some articles for the freshers

    In the land of Kabale, where dreams take flight,
    Stands a university, shining with might.
    Niwaha Ivan, a student of Engineering,
    Finds hope and home, a place worth cherishing.

    Amidst the rolling hills and nature’s embrace,
    Kabale University is a sacred space.
    With its towering buildings and vibrant halls,
    It beckons students to answer their calls.

    Niwaha Ivan, with passion in his heart,
    Embarks on a journey, a brand new start.
    In the realm of Engineering, he finds his place,
    A world of numbers and equations to embrace.

    With professors as guides, he learns to create,
    To build bridges and structures that resonate.
    The classroom becomes his workshop of dreams,
    Where imagination flows like endless streams.

    Through lectures and labs, he gains knowledge profound,
    Understanding the principles that make the world go round.
    From mechanics to circuits, each concept unfolds,
    As Niwaha Ivan’s engineering story unfolds.

    But it’s not just academics that make this his home,
    It’s the friendships he forms, the connections he’s grown.
    His fellow students become his second family,
    Supporting each other through every difficulty.

    In the evenings, they gather, sharing laughter and cheer,
    Creating memories that will last year after year.
    Kabale University becomes a haven for all,
    A place where dreams soar and barriers fall.

    Niwaha Ivan finds hope in every sunrise,
    Knowing that Kabale University is where he’ll rise.
    With every challenge he faces, he grows strong,
    For this is where he truly belongs.

    So let us celebrate Kabale University’s embrace,
    Where Niwaha Ivan finds solace and grace.
    For in this institution, he finds his way,
    A home away from home, where dreams hold sway.

    August 21, 2023 at 8:03 pm

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