Campus Jargon

Campus Jargon

Freshmen; fresh-women
Get confronted
With terms strange
On ascending Kikungiri hill
In pursuit of degrees
Diverse in nature.

For homework, course work
For repeat, stay-put
For lesson, lecture
For course, programme
For subject, course unit
It’s a new word structure!

Retakes come handy
To signify another year
For courses failed.
Dead years and semesters
For keeping off campus
Reasons diverse in nature

For teacher, lecturer
For dodging, cutting
For school, campus
For failing, flopping
For holiday, recess
Words take new stature.

For lectures per week, credit units
For terms, semesters
For school fees, tuition fees
For classroom, lecture-room
For Staffroom, common-room
Words take new stature.

For prefects, guild government
For dorm master, warden
For Senior man, Dean of students
For Headmistress, Vice Chancellor
For Deputy HM, Deputy Vice Chancellor
Indeed, words diverse in nature.

John Michael Edoru
Quality Assurance Officer

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