Kabale University receives Fulbright Scholar Richard Shafer

Kabale University receives Fulbright Scholar Richard Shafer

Dr. Richard Shafer is a Washington State University Graduate Writing Center consultant and editor. He is also an Emeritus Professor of Journalism. He was awarded a Fulbright Fellowship to establish a similar writing center at Kabale University (KAB). Shafer shall also lecture and conduct writing seminars and workshops.

Shafer has served as visiting journalism and mass media professor and consultant worldwide since his first Fulbright fellowship to Yugoslavia in 1989. He was a professional journalist, photographer, and editor for six years. Most recently he was a visiting journalism professor in Rwanda and Ethiopia. He has lectured and conducted workshops and seminars for the US State Department and numerous international foundations in more than 40 countries.

Shafer sites the WSU Graduate Writing center as a model for preparing graduate students to successfully conduct and publish their research. It is also a resource for faculty members who supervise postgraduate students. According to Shafer, the additional editing and writing services provided by the center can save graduate committee members a great deal of time otherwise spent helping the student refine their writing to complete a thesis or dissertation, or to formulate a successful academic paper or journal article.

Kabale University has new but dynamic undergraduate and graduate programs that can benefit from the establishment of a writing center that furthers research and publication, as well as its national and international reputation. In this regard, the visit of Dr. Richard Shafer is timely.

Shafer is working together with Professor Natal Ayiga, the Director of the Kabale University Directorate of Research and Publications. Since arriving in early January, he has reviewed both academic research article submissions and draft proposals and concept papers prepared by both Faculty and graduate students.

Students and faculty are urged to contact the Directorate of Research and Publications and the Directorate of Postgraduate Training respectively to arrange to submit manuscripts for editing and critique. There is no cost for the editing services. The goal is to further their potential for publication, conference paper submissions or to complete theses or dissertations from any discipline across the three campuses.

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