Kabale University Medical Students Association Tops Continental Medical Schools

Kabale University Medical Students Association Tops Continental Medical Schools

Kabale University Medical Students Association is the continental champion of the medical school’s quiz competition. This result was achieved after beating all other medical schools on the continent that participated in the quiz. It was organized by the Federation of African Medical Students’ Associations (FAMSA). University student associations from all corners of the continent belong to this federation founded in 1968. Under its Standing Committee on Education and Research, it organizes annual international quizzes for its member associations.

Lecturio sponsored this year’s FAMSA quiz (a learning management and online course solution that provides educational materials in medical sciences, clinical sciences, pre-med, and nursing). During the competition, 60 medical schools representing 60 universities from the East, Central, West, and Southern parts of Africa participated. Intercontinental quizzes were preceded by an earlier marketing quiz organized at the university by the Medical Students Association.

Kabale University Medical Students Association (KUMSA) participants were selected by its Standing Committee on Education and Research (chaired by Ampaire Daphne, a fifth-year MBChB student). Based on their previous involvement in KUMSA activities, Kabale University participants were selected on merit. Kaija Marvin and Ayebale Arnold of the 5th year MBChB program, Joshua Kizito Okwir of the 4th year MBChB program, and Stanley Oketcho of the 3rd year MBChB program were on the team.

Kabale University was included among the six Ugandan universities that participated in the intercontinental competition on 24th October 2023. Quiz categories included Basic Medical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, Mathematics, Logic, and General Knowledge questions from Current Affairs and History. A panel of Quiz Masters selected from the 2022 FAMSA participants handled the online quiz sessions.

The group stages began with 60 medical student associations representing 60 universities, each representing four students. In each group, there were ten universities, and they were divided into six groups. Group A included nine other universities, including Kabale University. On 24th October 2023, the group stages began. In Group A, Kabale University emerged as the leader. Four other universities qualified for the next round.

Five members from Group A and five members from Group B participated in the next round (quarter-final) on 29TH October 2023 at 6:00 p.m. Uganda time. Kabale dominated the Quarter Finals (Round 2) after the second round. In round 2, only the top four participants advanced to the semi-finals. In group B, Kabale University was grouped with six other universities outside Uganda. For the finals, only 3 participants from groups A and B of the semifinals (round 3) were considered.

Six universities competed for the FAMSA quiz championship in 2023. On 3rd November 2023, the finals were held. The University of Benin Medical Students Association (UBEMSA) and Kabale University tied with 50 points each. KUMSA was declared the winner of the African Continent Medical Schools Association quiz challenge after a tiebreaker.

Professor James Tumwine, Dean of Kabale University’s medical school, welcomed the news. It was welcomed by the Vice Chancellor and other members of the University’s top management and staff. In the competition, Kabale University Medical Students Association was one of the youngest universities in Uganda. Over the years, the medical school has grown gradually.

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