Guild leaders at KAB called upon to be ‘transformational’ leaders and not ‘transactional’ leaders

Guild leaders at KAB called upon to be ‘transformational’ leaders and not ‘transactional’ leaders

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance & Administration), Mrs. Anny Katabaazi Bwengye has called on student leaders at KAB to be transformational leaders who are able to identify what is best in individuals and utilize it.

“Every person has a ‘sun’ in them, let it shine! Good leaders establish the capabilities of their people and capitalize on them to get the best”, she noted. Ms. Kataabazi further noted that transactional leaders just remind you that they are leaders and they have power, but have no agenda that guides their leadership. 

Speaking at a one-day workshop organized by the office of the Dean of Students for the Guild and Games Union Leaders induction training, under the theme ‘Balancing and Excelling in Academics and Leadership’, Ms. Kataabazi  urged the leaders to balance academics and leadership effectively. 

Mrs. Bwengye also cautioned the leaders to be responsible for their actions. She warned that as leaders, they have to desist from bad habits like sexual harassment, telling lies, embezzling funds and making cliques which can break teamwork. She concluded that they should make networks which will be a stepping stone for better connections and employment after graduation.

The Dean of Students Mr. Amos Tukamushaba noted that guild leaders should understand that their electorates trusted them to influence them in solving problems. Mr. Tukamushaba also noted that they had to strive for excellence in their course of leadership. “An effective leader should have good organizational, planning, mobilization and controlling skills. You should also work as a team because that is the only way you will succeed in contributing to the success of this university”, he added.

The University Legal Officer, Ms. Judith Ahimbisibwe introduced the student leaders to the constitutions that guide the operations of their activities, including procedures for meetings and how to handle their respective offices. Ms. Ahimbisibwe also reminded the leaders to work together in harmony and unity. “I urge you to work with each other in harmony because you are here for a short while. Life will take you in different places and you never know where you will meet someone again”, she noted.

In his presentation, the Ass. Director Internal Audit, Mr. Benson Barigye beseeched the student leaders to have a better understanding of financial management processes like budgeting and accountability. He encouraged them to make realistic budgets based on the money available and also be accountable.

The Senior Branding and Communications Officer, Mr. Godfrey Sempungu urged the  students to set clear goals and targets in life, set healthy boundaries to command respect and also to be truthful in all they do. He further asked the student leaders to serve diligently. “Students expect their guild leaders to be understanding, reliable and responsive to their needs, delivering the services they promised to the students’ satisfaction”, he concluded.

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  • Cephas Nzaana Reply

    We truly appreciate the great words of wisdom given to our leaders. Such is the leadership we need in such a time as this. Transformational and transactional leadership. Leadership that serves, leadership that believes in its people, exists for the benefit of its people and sacrifices for its people.
    Indeed, with such knowledge, the future of Kabale University is bright.

    March 14, 2023 at 4:31 pm
    • Cephas Nzaana Reply

      Edit: Transformational and not transactional leadership

      March 14, 2023 at 4:33 pm

        Proud of my university and the parental leadership

        March 14, 2023 at 5:04 pm

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