Guilds and Games Unions Leaders are inducted.

Guilds and Games Unions Leaders are inducted.

Guild and Games Union leaders gathered at the KABSOM hostels in an insightful induction event under the theme of “Team Building and Constructive Result-Oriented Management.”

The event held on 17th August 2023, aimed to equip the leaders with essential skills and strategies to effectively manage their respective Ministries and Offices while fostering teamwork and constructive leadership.

Organized by the Office of the Dean of Students, the induction brought together a diverse group of student leaders recently elected into office for the 2023/2024 term.

This event aimed at enhancing the capabilities of student leaders in their respective guilds and games unions. The induction program sought to equip these leaders with the tools necessary for successful teamwork, strategic planning, and constructive.

The session kicked off with an inspiring keynote address by the Dean Of Students Mr. Tukamushaba Amos who emphasized the importance of cohesive teamwork and goal-oriented management, highlighting the role of effective leadership in achieving collective success.

Throughout the day-long event, various workshops, seminars, and interactive sessions were conducted, covering topics such as decision-making processes, communication strategies, and fostering a culture of inclusivity within student organizations.

Seasoned professionals and experienced mentors from diverse backgrounds facilitated these sessions, sharing their insights and expertise with the eager young leaders including, The University Legal Officer, the Senior Communication Officer and the DVC in charge of Finance and Administration.

One of the keynote speakers was Mr. Godfrey Sempungu the Senior Communication Officer who in his speech to the leaders asked them to embrace the role of Using the right channels of Communication emphasizing on them having Knowledge about their University.

“Know your University. Be Visible, Be present, Be supportive” added Mr. Godfrey Sempungu.

In attendance was also the Deputy Vice chancellor in charge of Finance and Administration who during her address, called upon the student leaders to balance Academics and Leadership by undertaking the responsibilities that they came for.

“Undertake the responsibilities that you came here for.” Said Ms. Anny Katabaazi-Bwengye

“Grades alone will not make you survive without Character. You must have good characters” added Ms. Anny Katabaazi-Bwengye.

The theme ‘Team Building and Constructive Result-Oriented Management’ was chosen with the intention of empowering our student leaders with essential skills that will not only benefit their respective guilds and unions but also lay a strong foundation for their future endeavors.

Reflecting on the day’s events, H.E. Ahumuza Levicato the Guild President, expressed his gratitude for the invaluable lessons learned during the induction.

The event concluded on a high note, with the leaders expressing their commitment to applying the principles of teamwork and constructive management in their roles within their respective student organizations.

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