KAB 7th Inter-faculty competitions ended: Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences takes the trophy!

KAB 7th Inter-faculty competitions ended: Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences takes the trophy!

The Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences (FEMS)  emerged winners in the recently concluded Inter-faculty games at Kabale University playground on the 13th & 14th of March 2023.

The 7th Inter-faculty Games were organised by the Games and Sports Union under the Theme: ‘Developing Games & Sports without Boundaries, Promoting person’s with Disability, Encouraging women for Gender Equality and fight against Homosexuality‘.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor (Finance & Administration), Mrs. Anny Katabazi noted that the University was  committed to supporting sports because students learn a lot of skills from them. She also noted that every student needed to participate in sports to learn skills like teamwork, discipline, accountability, determination, endurance, and hard-work. Ms. Katabaazi officiated at the ceremony and also handed over the prizes to the winners.

Students discussing the about the progress of the 1st-half in the football game

According to the Chairperson Games & Sports Union, Mr. Isaac Tumwesigye, the inter-faculty games this year were aimed at uniting students in the fight against homosexuality and lesbianism in the University. “Our dream is to live responsible lives and lead the young ones by example. So we shall continue to say no to the vices of homosexuality, lesbianism and the queer gender in our University. We are God-fearing and we are united on this cause both on and off-campus”, he added.

The eight facilities; Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Education, Institute of Languages, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Computer, Library & Information Science, Faculty of Engineering, and the School of Medicine all  participated in games. The games involved included Football for women and Men, Netball, Volleyball for Men and women, Handball for men, Athletics for both males and females.

According to Mr. Acbor Byakatonda, Football for males was won by KABSOM with a 4-0 against FOCLIS, while that of females was won by FOCLIS in a 3-2 win against FEMS. Netball was won by Institute of Languages whereas Handball was won by faculty of Agriculture.

The Faculties performed as follows;

1. FEMS 128 20 12 17 3 180
2. AGRICULTURE 108 3 14 5 3 133
3. EDUCATION 106 7 2 9 126
4. FASS 90 7 11 11 119
5. KABSOM 52 14 11 15 9 112
6. INST. OF LANGUAGES 88 9 14 111
7. ENGINEERING 48 9 9 13 79
8. FOCLIS 22 19 3 16 3 6


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