Train your kids in sports to teach them life skills that aren’t learned in school

Train your kids in sports to teach them life skills that aren’t learned in school

In an article published on 1st Feb 2023 on Kawawo sports, Hon. Florence Nakiwala Kiyingi says women’s football is expanding, and the FUFA female’s cup gives girls greater exposure and a chance to play.

However, the majority of people, particularly in Uganda, continue to believe that football is a sport for men. According to Ms. Anny Katabaazi, the DVC (Finance and Administration), the idea that football is a ‘men’s game’ is still prevalent. She points out that there is still a perception in society women should only participate in soft feminine sports like netball, and not run around in shorts in the stadium.

Mother of one and teaching assistant at KAB, Ms. Diana Nkamusiima claims that few people are aware that women can play football. Ms. Nkamusiima, who began playing football in 2011 while still a student at KAB, people frequently assume that if a wo

man plays football, she must be odd.

Ms. Katabaazi also asserts that when a woman performs well in football, even fellow women start to berate her. They always use sexist language to refer to women who play rugby and football, asking whether they have husbands or children.

She notes that playing football teaches you to cooperate, have patience and work together as a team to accomplish a goal. She claims that football teaches you discipline and how to work with individuals with varied strengths and abilities.

Diana during one of the training Session

“Even though you can see the net, you are not supposed to shoot. Football players learn responsibility for their teammates as well as time management and planning skills that are not taught in the classroom”, she said.

Mr. Akbar Byakatonda, the Assistant Sports Officer at KAB, says that women can pursue a profession in football just like males. He claims that playing football gives women the opportunity to develop their social skills, practice teamwork, and visit new places.

Mr. Byakatonda notes that women can choose football as their preferred sport, just like they can with dancing, swimming, netball, volleyball, and many other competitive sports.

As an institution for higher learning, KAB can work hard to promote football female players.  According to Ms. Nkamusiima, KAB can sign up for regional, national, and international competitions which could also market the university. She further claims that KAB can involve their female football players to compete against media outlets and other government organizations such as parliament.

In addition, Ms. Katabaazi notes that everyone can contribute to increasing the number of female football players. “You don’t have to be a football player to sponsor a game or purchase jerseys and boots”, she notes.

The first official Women’s International game was played in the FA Cup finals in Britain the same year that the Football Association lifted the ban on women’s football.

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