Kabagyenda Cell wins Joy Kwesiga Tournament in Ntungamo Municipality

Kabagyenda Cell wins Joy Kwesiga Tournament in Ntungamo Municipality

The community in Ntungamo Municipality, through the Local Council One of Orubare Cell, led the mobilization for the Prof. Joy Kwesiga tournament. This inaugural tournament was won by Kabagyenda Cell with a score of one goal against Kikoni. The Kikoni Parish’s five cells participated in the tournament. These are Orubaare, Kabagyenda, Kikoni, Kabahambi and Kyanju

The tournament was being held for the first time. In the future, the tournament shall be annual. In her remarks, Prof Joy Kwesiga thanked the organisers for being proactive in uniting the youth through sports and positive engagement. She commended the players and congratulated the winners.

She pointed out that football has a number of additional benefits, including the development of discipline, teamwork, collaboration, and a sense of responsibility. It unites the players with various stakeholders.  Kwesiga said “It is important on such occasions when youths from different institutions can utilise their long holiday gainfully rather than roaming villages and taking alcohol, and drugs and participating in less gainful activities.

It is also important to note that she thanked the Ntungamo Municipality community for its support of the teams, and she urged the public to make a contribution so the sport can be promoted. She thanked the referees and linesmen for a job well done. She promised to work with the leadership of the community to improve the process in the future.

Professor Kwesiga attended this match along with some members of her family, including three of her grandchildren. Wishing everyone a happy new year, she expressed her best wishes to those that participated and witnessed the reward to the winning team.

Dianah Nkamusiima, a Kabale University staff member, also organized and hosted the Kigezi Women’s Football Tournament (KIWIFOTO) on the 22nd of December in Kabale Stadium, which featured several Kigezi teams battling it out over the course of a day. Sport plays an important role in Kabale University‘s community engagement programs.

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  • Sunday Otim Reply

    wow this is really very effective idea, it’s helps to keep youths busy especially during their holidays and unites them to achieve enormous goals in future

    January 3, 2023 at 6:02 am

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