KAB celebrates World Kiswahili Day

KAB celebrates World Kiswahili Day

Kabale University participated in the commemoration of World Kiswahili Language Day alongside the other members of the East African Community. The celebrations took place at Hotel Africana in Kampala, Uganda, with the theme “Kiswahili and Multilingualism: Collaborating for Greater Achievements.” The event spanned from the 5th to the 7th of July 2023.

The World Kiswahili Language Day is observed annually on 7th July to serve as a platform for promoting the use and recognition of Kiswahili as a global language. Kiswahili, also known as Swahili, is spoken by millions of people across East Africa and beyond. It is an official language in several African countries, including Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda.

According to Mr. Innocent Agume, the day aims at high highlighting the significance of Swahili in promoting unity, communication, and cultural exchange. “This occasion holds great importance for the Kiswahili community, as it recognizes a language that holds official status within the African Union and serves as a lingua franca”, he noted.

Representing Kabale University were Dr. Aidah Mutenyo, a member of the National Organizing Committee, and Mr. Innocent Agume, both of whom are lecturers in the Department of Kiswahili at the Institute of Languages. The student representatives in their third year, pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Kiswahili, included Seth Arinda, Apophia Ahisibwe, and Juliet Kyarisiima.

The World Kiswahili Language Day is celebrated on 7th July to commemorate the day when Late Mwalimu Julius Nyerere adopted Swahili as a unifying language for independence struggles on 7th July 1954. The first world celebrations were held ion 7th July 2022.

The commemoration serves as a platform for discussing strategies and initiatives that empower Kiswahili as a vital language for communication, innovation, and digital literacy, ultimately unlocking its full potential in the ever-evolving digital era.


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