Uganda Electoral Commission Chairman Byabakama Urges Youth to Avoid Election Violence: “Bloodshed is Unwelcome in an Election”

Uganda Electoral Commission Chairman Byabakama Urges Youth to Avoid Election Violence: “Bloodshed is Unwelcome in an Election”

Uganda’s Electoral Commission Chairperson, Justice Byabakama Mugenyi Simon, addressed students and staff at Kabale University on May 20, 2024. The event, a public lecture focusing on the role of youth in universities and tertiary institutions in Uganda’s electoral processes, drew a large audience including students from various higher education institutions in Kabale, as well as local leaders and members of the public.

Justice Byabakama’s lecture emphasized the critical role that young people play in shaping the future of Uganda through active and peaceful participation in democratic processes. He urged the youth to avoid violence and bloodshed, stressing that such actions are disadvantageous to the nation’s progress and stability.

“Bloodshed is unwelcome in an election,” Justice Byabakama stated firmly.

“As future leaders, it is imperative that you love your country, abide by the law, and uphold peace during elections. To be leaders in the future, you must first be law-abiding citizens today,” he remarked.

“Observing the law is not just a duty but a foundation for any form of leadership.”

” Be good time managers, be informed, and broaden your knowledge. Be respectful and tolerant to your fellow youths and always be willing to be mentored. Don’t be scared of challenges because they help you to develop a spirit of perseverance,”

The Chairperson highlighted the importance of the youth’s involvement in democratic processes, noting that their energy, creativity, and innovative thinking are vital for the country’s development. He encouraged students to participate actively in politics and governance but to do so responsibly and peacefully.

The lecture was part of a broader initiative by the Electoral Commission to engage with young people across the country, fostering a culture of peace and democratic participation ahead of the 2026 upcoming elections.

Also in attendance were staff and members of Kabale University’s management, including the Kabale District Resident District Commissioner, Mr. Godfrey Nyakahuma, and the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Joy C. Kwesiga. Prof. Kwesiga, who emphasized the importance of civic education, expressed her gratitude to Justice Byabakama for speaking to the youth of Kabale University about their role in Uganda’s electoral processes.

Some of the higher institutions of Learning available at the event include Uganda Christian University -Bishop Barham University College, Uganda College of Commerce, National Teachers’ College -Kabale, African College of Commerce and Technology, Shalom Vocational Training Institute among others.

As Uganda prepares for its next electoral cycle, the call for peaceful and law-abiding participation by the youth stands as a crucial reminder of the collective responsibility to safeguard the nation’s democracy and ensure a prosperous future for all Ugandans.

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