Kabale University Medical Students Celebrate Annual Medical Dinner 2024

Kabale University Medical Students Celebrate Annual Medical Dinner 2024

Aspiring doctors from Kabale University School of Medicine gathered for their annual Medical Dinner on Saturday, June 8th, at the White Horse Inn. Held under the theme “Thriving Methods as Future Medical Workers,” the evening was filled with inspiration and togetherness and aimed to equip students with the motivation to excel in their chosen profession.

The event also was another way to bid farewell to the Medical finalists after their 5 year journey in medical school

Professor James K. Tumwine, Dean of the Kabale University School of Medicine, served as the keynote speaker. In his address, Professor Tumwine emphasized the importance of clinical training, urging students to prioritize hands-on experience above all else. He stressed the need for future doctors to possess not only theoretical knowledge but also the practical skills necessary to excel in real-world medical settings.

Professor Tumwine further challenged the students to maintain a high standard of competence and integrity. “Protect your competence fiercely,” he said. He urged them to avoid the pitfalls of carelessness and ignorance, emphasizing the crucial role they will play in safeguarding patient well-being.

The dinner provided a platform for medical students to celebrate their academic achievements and build lasting connections with their peers and faculty. It also served as a valuable opportunity for students to gain valuable insights from a seasoned medical professional like Professor Tumwine.

“Keep the flag of Kabale University raised high,” Professor Tumwine concluded, inspiring students to become not just competent doctors but also ethical and compassionate healthcare providers.

The annual Medical Dinner serves as a vital tradition for Kabale University’s medical school, fostering a sense of community and purpose among its future medical professionals. The event was characterised with cake cutting, and the awarding of certificates to the outgoing committee of the Kabale University Medical Students’Association(KUMSA)

KUMSA is a fully registered students’ association which unites all medical students at Kabale University.


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