KAB Engineering students win prizes at the 10th Edition of Arduino Day

KAB Engineering students win prizes at the 10th Edition of Arduino Day

Several students in the Faculty of Engineering, Technology, Applied Design, and Fine Art have won prizes in the 10th Edition of Arduino Day. The celebrations at Kabale University today Saturday, 25th March 2023 were organized by the Faculty of Engineering, Technology, Applied Design, and Fine Art in partnership with TME Education. TME Education is a global project that supports technology education in schools, universities, and other tertiary institutions. Arduino Day is a globally-celebrated day on which Arduino enthusiasts share their projects, and ideas and reflect on the future of technology.

Participants pose with the team from TME Education during the Arduino Day celebrations.

The best project selected was Automatic waste segregator by Amanya Denis and Agaba Vincent. Their project scored highest when it came to feasibility because it solved an ever-growing problem of environmental degradation. The overall projects selected were 5, judged on their feasibility, problem-solving, packaging, and complexity of the design. Generally, the judges noted that they were impressed by the students’ ingenuity and creativity throughout the exhibition. They encouraged the participants to continue building and bringing their ideas to life.

The TME Education tutor, Mr. Wanyoto Henry, who opened the event said that TME is a technology organization whose main objective is to promote and popularize electronics education, especially in areas where technology is still limited like Africa. He also encouraged participants to use the opportunity to learn from one other and grow their skills.

In his presentation, the TME Education Ambassador in Uganda, Mr. Ssonko Patrick explained that the Tech Master Event is a community of electronics enthusiasts who share skills, and ideas, and occasionally hold contests through which participants stand a chance to win cash prizes. He also encouraged girls to take part, citing numerous opportunities for them in the Tech world.

During the event, students presented a number of Arduino-based projects designed by the faculty. Arduino is a popular open-source platform usually used to build electronic projects/prototypes. It consists of a microcontroller (programmable circuit board) as well as an IDE (Integrated Development Environment). The IDE is software that is used to program the logic as well as to upload code from the computer to the microcontroller.

Amanya Denis and Agaba Vicent displaying their Automatic Waste Segregator


A number of students in the faculty of Engineering showcased their projects. They include; Automatic Window and Gate Opener using a remote by Mr. Kajubi Simon Peter, Automated Roof System by Musanganya Emmanuel and Musuuza, Smart ATS by Ssinga Brian, Android Control of Home Appliances by Namigadde Bridget, Fire Detection & firefighting by Jovan Apollo & Opedi Joshua, Improved Yaka Metre Protection by Bahora Hassan, Aturinde Alban, and Sseguya Vincent, Visually Impaired Guide by Manzi Evans & Barongo Julius Tibaleka, Contactless Water Dispenser by Manzi Evans & Barongo Julius Tibaleka, PLC Home Automation by Opejo Joshua & Apollo Jovent, and Automatic Waste Segregator by Amanya Denis and Agaba Vicent.













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