KAB gets expert to set up Blended E-Learning Project to advance Gender Equality in Education

Santosh Shail

KAB gets expert to set up Blended E-Learning Project to advance Gender Equality in Education

Kabale University is glad to host Santosh Shail as a visiting scholar. He is coordinating the Blended E-Learning Project to advance Gender Equality in Education in Uganda. This project tests an innovative cost-effective, decentralized, blended e-Learning solution designed for the context of Uganda; sensitive to specific gender challenges in South-Western Uganda. Delivery of the solution will give opportunities to in-service women teachers to earn their Bachelors of Education degrees. The e-learning study material will be delivered digitally to target students (women teachers who don’t have the accreditation) without the need for internet connectivity, where they live, and at a pace that they can self-manage.

The project is funded by Global Affairs Canada – Fund for Innovation and Transformation (FIT). Partners include Kabale UniversityCanadian Institute of Mass Communication (CIMC),  CEED Concordia, and Action For Development (ACFODE).

Santosh is the Director of the Canadian Institute of Mass Communication (CIMC), a non-profit organization that develops and manages Learning Management Systems for affordable, relevant and convenient distance education. He has over 35 years of international experience in educational content creation for distance education, providing ICT expertise in a range of applications, including online synchronous as well as asynchronous learning. He has comprehensive experience in the production of broadcast media in the genres of educational television, documentaries, public service announcements, News, telefilms, and corporate publicities. He has worked on international development projects for the World Bank, UNESCO, UNICEF, and WHO. He has served as Educational Media Consultant for the Indira Gandhi National Open University, India, and the Commonwealth of Learning, Canada. Santosh received the 2007 ‘International Media Achievement Award’ in India, in recognition of his accomplishments in global education projects, and for enabling capacity building in developing communities in India and Ethiopia.

Santosh is also President of Shails Communication Inc., a Canadian company incorporated in 1998, specializing in content creation for broadcast television and digital media, combining a wide range of ICT expertise, including interactive broadband streaming delivery.

To learn more about educational projects delivered by Santosh, visit cimcweb.com/education-projects.

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