KAB Medical Students host an internal quiz to enhance their medical knowledge

KAB Medical Students host an internal quiz to enhance their medical knowledge

KAB Medical students, under the umbrella of Kabale University Medical Students’ Association (KUMSA) held their Internal Quiz 2023 this August at the Jophan Students’ Hostel Makanga, held under the theme of “Integration of Research into Medical Education for Better Public Health Solutions”. 

The event was officially opened with welcoming remarks from the KUMSA President, Mr. Musasizi Stuart, MBChB IV. He appreciated  participants’ punctuality and officially opened the quiz which had competing groups A, B, C, D, and E. All groups had representatives from all years from year 1 to year 4.

The Minister of Health in the 5th Guild Government, Dr. Mackline Agarukamuhe noted that the quiz consisted of two sections namely Bio-Medical and Clinical. The Biomedical session included anatomy, biochemistry, physiology, sociology, pharmacology, microbiology, and others while the Clinical session involved internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology. Questions were set by different Doctors and lecturers from school of medicine.

The team of Modulators responsible for evaluating the quiz

The participants were subjected to a time constraint of 40 seconds per question, ensuring that only the sharpest minds prevailed. The diverse range of questions covered topics from ethics, anatomy, and physiology to political history, world affairs, and the realms of medicine. 

The quiz was modulated by Stanely Oketcho and Charles Odur who had a group of other students that acted as judges of the day. There was also an external Judge, Mr. Senyonga Edga Regan, a 3rd-year medical student from Mbarara University of Science and Technology, who was involved in asking questions , modulating and judging the competing groups .

The pinnacle of the competition was the Clinical session, delving into the specifics of internal medicine, surgery, pediatrics, obstetrics, and gynecology. This round, graded out of 100, was the ultimate test of the participants’ clinical acumen.

Group A emerged winners with 645 points, followed by Group B with 600 points and Group C with 570 points. Group D secured 445 points, and Group E wrapped up the competition with 410 points. Group A was rewarded with a trophy and a gift of 100.000/= UGX, handed over by Mr. Musasizi Stuart, MBChB IV the KUMSA President. 

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