Window on KAB

Window on KAB

We display skillfulness
In disciplines diverse
We say, come and see
Touch, smell and hear
What lecturers impart!

Of our enlightenment
Upon the youth
Of Africa’s pearl
Taking countless lectures
In professions abundant.

Medicine trials check
Your specimen to see
If all is wired aright
And if not prescribe
An antidote.

Teachers here profess
Greatest of professions
For no professor
Was before teaching
My ultimate bet.

The Engineer here
Fixes your car engine
So your crank
Does no repeat
Or fuel waste.

In business acumen
The dons at Kab
Come second to none
Purging minds of folks
In selling and buying.

The scientists in their
Laboratory coats
For sure display
Their science precision
In performing experiments.

The linguists here
Whose labour you enjoy
Spin words as do spinners wool
Triggering minds
In similes and metaphors.

Communicators and informers
Internet and website gurus
In vogue at KAB
Easy as cup of tea
In fixing LAN and WAN.

John Michael Edoru
Quality Assurance Officer

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