KAB Staff Embark on Cutting-Edge eLearning Recording Studio Training

KAB Staff Embark on Cutting-Edge eLearning Recording Studio Training

Kabale University as a successful candidate that hosts a Centre of Competence in Digital Education(C-CODE) recently hosted Jean Chessex a director of Photography at SmartCuts to equip and train its dedicated staff in using ultra-modern eLearning recording studio equipment.

This move aims to refashion the educational experience offered by the institution, strengthening its reputation as a pioneer in innovative learning methods.

Under the expert guidance of a leading tech specialist, the trainees underwent an intensive training in digital education, instructional design, how to operate the production studios, program to master the complexities of the ultra-modern eLearning recording studio equipment.

The training sessions were held over the course of two weeks, providing ample time for hands-on experience and thorough comprehension.

The newly acquired eLearning recording studio equipment boasts the latest advancements in audio and video recording technology. Equipped with high-definition cameras, crystal-clear microphones, a Wacom Cintic monitor, and cutting-edge editing software, the studio promises to provide a seamless and immersive eLearning experience for Kabale University’s students.

This development signifies a pivotal moment for KAB, which has always been at the forefront of adopting innovative teaching methodologies. The institution’s commitment to fostering excellence in education has taken a giant leap forward with this new technology.

With the expertise gained from this training, the trainees can now create engaging and dynamic eLearning content that transcends traditional boundaries. This advancement aligns with KAB’s vision to make education more accessible and adaptable to the rapidly changing landscape of the 21st century.

“We believe that this technology will empower our staff to craft educational content that not only educates but inspires and captivates our students.” Prof. Joy C. Kwesiga said.

Prof. Joy Kwesiga further expressed how grateful she was to the C-CODE project for the help rendered to the University in form of eLearning equipment and the skilling of staff.

This investment in cutting-edge eLearning recording studio equipment reaffirms Kabale University’s dedication to providing world-class education.

According to Collins Nuwagaba, the eLearning Officer studio production and multi-media officer, the content set to be recorded and produced by the eLearning Centre is going to fully support some of the courses that are yet to be launched at the University.

Jean Chessex that was contracted by EPFL École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne says the training did not only give an opportunity to share his skills with the Kabale University staff but it was a great learning opportunity for himself as well.

The training that was mainly for studio technicians saw other members from the Communications, Branding and Marketing Department, and ICT department be trained making the total number of trainees Eight.

As KAB eagerly embraces this technology, the institution is already recording a series of eLearning modules and courses that will make use of the new recording studio equipment. These courses are available to students on the University’s Youtube Channel and the elearning platform.

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