Kabale University Administrative and Support staff tipped on how to improve life with a positive outlook

Kabale University Administrative and Support staff tipped on how to improve life with a positive outlook

In a world where a lot is happening simultaneously and people can hardly keep up with the events as they happen, we need to check up on one another, especially on our mental health. Having a positive attitude or optimistic attitude towards life is not just about looking at the world in a positive way, but also about feeding one’s soul with positivity and letting it portray the outer self.

Godfrey Sempungu (Senior Communication and Branding Officer)

Attending a Workshop organized by The Directorate of Quality Assurance Kabale University, Godfrey Sempungu the Senior Communication and Branding Officer who is also the Chairperson of the Administrative Staff Association delivered the opening remarks on behalf of the Deputy Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration. He highlighted the role of staff engagement in transforming organizations. According to him, the best attitude one can always carry to an organisation is making sure they always do the right thing.

The daylong workshop was held at KABSOM Hostels in Makanga. Sempungu commended the Directorate of Quality Assurance for organising this timely workshop. He highlighted the role of teamwork in building KAB and reminded the staff not to operate in silos if the university was to learn from the other public universities that have existed longer.
In his brief speech, he said that ill and negative self-talk is eventually portrayed in what people do at work sighting normalized late coming, seeing a problem in everything and complaining about work most of the time. He advised the participants to always walk away from fights with people with negative attitudes. “The moment you have a positive attitude, it helps you to have an excellent performance at work

Ms. Monica Karungi (Senior Quality Assurance Officer at KAB)

In her remarks, Ms. Monica Karungi the Senior Quality Assurance Officer at Kabale university said that one of the things that affect employees in institutions like Kabale University is attitude. She pointed out that everyone comes from a different background, and has different personalities and characters differing from one another hence having different attitudes towards work.

Sarah Mirembe Byamukama (Dean of Students at ECUREI)
Sarah Mirembe Byamukama (Dean of Students at ECUREI)

The key speaker for the workshop was Sarah Mirembe Byamukama, the Dean of Students at Ernest Cook Ultrasound Research and Education Institute (ECUREI). She asked the Lecturers and other support staff present at the workshop to always believe in themselves if they want to have positive thinking about life and at Work.
In her presentation, she cited anger, resentment, deep thirsts, and insecurity among other things that may haunt one if they are not Pollyannaish. Sarah Mirembe added that the main causes of man’s problems are unsettled negative emotions, uncorrected physical disorders, and unsatisfied deep longings among other things and all of these affect a person’s attitude.
In her final submissions, she told members to endure rejection, face reality, heal and move on, that is in order to have positive thinking at work always. She emphasized confidence in oneself, serving and working wholeheartedly the same way servants work for the Lord; that is working by faith.

Anna Niyokwizera (Nutritionist and Psychologist)
Anna Niyokwizera (Nutritionist and Psychologist)

Anna Niyokwizera a Nutritionist and Psychologist at Neat Holistic Living Company Limited added that eating healthy and changing one’s emotions and attitudes about food can help one gain control of their eating habits. Anna added that eating healthy is positively and significantly correlated with self-esteem saying that what we eat affects one’s attitude and how we feel about everything.

Monica Karungi in conclusion reiterated that the major goal of the workshop was to help the staff to understand who they are, and to challenge them to take appropriate action after discovering who they are. This will help them to have a positive attitude towards work and to create teamwork for a better performance which will eventually help members excel in their performance at work. The workshop was held under the theme “Positive attitude that leads to Excellence Performance at Workplace

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  • Nahabwe Rossette Reply

    Thank you for re-energizing the team.

    June 19, 2022 at 6:53 am
  • cmuhigirwa Reply

    I love this conference. I concur with assertion that attitude is everything in life. It breeds positivity and leads to higher productivity and self-efficacy.

    June 19, 2022 at 9:32 am
  • Ainembabazi Allan Reply

    We thank God for our university.
    I’m proud as a kab graduate.
    I would like to advise the university to always motivate learners who perform well.
    I had a roommate who was the best at this university,and if the university could retain him even not paying him but it gives him masters degree scholarship,this would motivate students

    June 19, 2022 at 1:19 pm

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