Kabale University hosts the Science Technology and Innovation Parliamentary Committee

Kabale University hosts the Science Technology and Innovation Parliamentary Committee

A team of 13 members of the Parliamentary Committee on Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) visited Kabale University in the exercise of their oversight mandate. The key role was to establish how the university promotes Science, technology and Innovation as laid out in the government and several collaborating stakeholders agenda. The team was pleased with the progress made in research and development. Top Management expressed their commitment to promoting STI at the university and beyond. The team promised to recommend more support for university initiatives.

The visit began with a scheduled meeting with the university administration; including the Vice-Chancellor, Deans, and the relevant department heads. The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joy Kwesiga introduced her team and welcomed the Committee members. She then presented about the university’s strategic plans, policies, and programs to support and promote innovation.

In her presentation, Prof. Kwesiga emphasized the university’s commitment to excelling in science and aligning its course offerings with government priorities. “By offering courses in Medicine, Anesthesia, engineering, agricultural sciences, and environmental sciences, the university addresses key areas of national importance”, she added.

According to the Vice Chancellor, courses in Medicine and Anesthesia contribute to the healthcare sector. This ensures a supply of qualified medical professionals who can provide essential healthcare services to the population. Engineering programs are vital for technological advancements and infrastructure development, supporting various industries and driving economic growth.

She further stated that tourism, agricultural and environmental sciences are crucial in promoting sustainable practices, food security, environmental conservation, and promotion of the tourism sector in the country. “The university is responsive to the government’s priorities and actively strives to provide education and training that align with the country’s needs. This approach helps ensure that graduates are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to their respective fields and society as a whole”, Prof. Kwesiga noted.

The Vice Chancellor making a presentation to the committee

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Innovation, the Hon. Remigio Achia introduced committee members and explained their visit purpose. According to the Hon. Achia, the visit was focused on understanding how the university directs research and innovation in the region. It also focused on the challenges it faces in the area.

“We are here to look at the university’s research and innovation activities. We are here to gain insights into the university’s research agenda, contributions to scientific advancements, technological innovation, and overall development in the region. Research and innovation are crucial drivers of progress. Understanding how the university is directing its efforts in these areas can provide valuable information for policymakers and stakeholders”, Hon. Achia said.

The committee members interacted with student innovators on campus and observed innovation centers and laboratories. The committee witnessed the students’ projects, who described their experiences, challenges, and successes. This interaction helps bridge the gap between policymakers and the grassroots level. This allows the commission to have a more informed perspective on student innovators’ realities.

The Assistant Committee Chairperson, the Hon. Dr Florence Asiimwe commended the student innovators and noted that despite being a young institution, the university has established itself as a hub for innovation. This is done by showcasing student innovators’ creativity and dedication. Several innovations were displayed by the students. These were focused on solving the current problems of society. The team conducted an inspection of the incubation hub, e-learning center, computer lab among others.

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