Embrace E-learning, it is the only proven effective teaching and learning method in this technological era

Embrace E-learning, it is the only proven effective teaching and learning method in this technological era

The Deputy Academic Registrar, Canon Benon Freddie Kwikiriza has implored new academic staff at KAB to adopt e-learning because it is the only effective way to teach.

Can. Kwikiriza said this while opening a 2-day training workshop for the New teaching staff in e-learning and AIMS this morning. He noted that the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent lockdowns made e-learning a necessity in the education sector. He said that after adopting e-learning, KAB was able to continue business though unusual.

Canon Benon Kwikiriza giving opening remarks

He further advised members to learn how to use ‘AIMS’, the university system used when handling student results. “The system has helped the academic units in this university to solve the problem of ‘missing marks’. Hard copies could be easily misplaced causing tension between staff and students in the past. But now, we have long gone past these complaints because of the good system”, he added.

The senior e-learning officer Mr. Robert Tumusiime noted that technology has taken over the world, so higher learning institutions must integrate it into teaching and learning. He noted that online teaching was an effective means of teaching and learning because it makes it flexible for one to teach even when they are not physically present at the university.

Part of the staff during the training session

The Assistant Director of the ICT unit, the Senior E-learning officer, and other staff members of the ICT unit will be facilitators in the 2-day training workshop organized for all new teaching staff members. 

KAB formulated an e-learning policy to guide the management of e-learning processes. The policy document has a provision for continuous improvement, and awareness and training strategy to ensure that teachers and students are continuously retooled on the basic principles and use of e-learning in teaching and learning activities within the university. The planned training will fulfill the strategic provisions of the policy and overall management direction.

New teaching staff members pose for a photo with the Deputy Academic Registrar after opening the 2-day training session

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