Kabale University Participates at the Kyambogo Annual Fashion Week Exhibition  

Kabale University Participates at the Kyambogo Annual Fashion Week Exhibition  

In an event organised by the Kyambogo University School of Art and Industrial Design, students from the Department of Applied Design and Fine Art at Kabale University displayed creativity and innovation at the recent Fashion and Design Exhibition hosted at Kyambogo University. The event, renowned for showcasing the finest talents in the world of fashion, welcomed a diverse array of students and designers.

The event running under the theme “Our Fashion Our Heritage” aimed at showcasing innovations in textile designs through fashion shows exhibition and linking students to reliable business networks for commercialisation of their innovative ideas.

The team from Kabale University, led by Mr. Ssajabi Edward Kamugisha and Ms. Fatumah Guloba showcased a collection that merged tradition with modern design elements. Their showcase included a blend of vibrant colors, traditional patterns, and attracting the attention of both visitors and fellow participants.

With an emphasis on sustainable fashion, the students incorporated eco-friendly materials and practices into their designs, drawing admiration for their commitment to environmental consciousness in the fashion industry.

The exhibition provided a platform for the Kabale University students to also network with industry experts, exchanging ideas and gaining insights into the latest trends and techniques in the field.

The visitors at the exhibition were captivated by the unique approach of the Kabale University team, especially a one Allan’s fashion style where he walked in a jacket made out recycled denim clothes.

The Kabale University Department of Applied Design and Fine Art’s impressive participation at the Kyambogo Fashion and Design Exhibition signifies a promising future for the budding talents and serves as a testament to the university’s pursuit of excellence in the realm of artistic expression.

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    It was really a remarkable experience especially to ADFA students and of course Kabale University 🥰🥰

    How I wish Kabale University also organise such an event not only to advertise the University but also
    support students and the community for a boosted development of the University and Uganda at large

    November 5, 2023 at 1:57 pm

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