Senior Communications Officer Emphasizes Communication as a Bridge to Teamwork at Rotary Club of Kabale

Senior Communications Officer Emphasizes Communication as a Bridge to Teamwork at Rotary Club of Kabale

The Rotary Club of Kabale was treated to an educative presentation on the vital role of communication in fostering teamwork and collaboration during its weekly meeting. The keynote speaker for the event was Mr. Godfrey Joseph Sempungu, the Senior Communications and Branding officer at Kabale University.

In his presentation, Mr. Godfrey highlighted the profound impact of effective communication on building strong teams in both professional and community settings. He emphasized that clear and efficient communication acts as a bridge that connects individuals, enabling them to work together harmoniously towards common goals.

Addressing an audience of Rotarians in an event powered by the Bushara Buddy Group, Mr. Sempungu shared valuable insights and practical strategies for improving team works.

Rotary members try out one of the teamwork activities during the session

With illustrations he was able to illustrate how teamwork works and its significance.

“Effective communication is not merely about talking; it’s about understanding, connecting, and building relationships,” stated Mr. Sempungu.

According to Mr. Godfrey Sempungu, team members communicate openly, share ideas, and collaborate more efficiently once there is teamwork.

The Rotary Club of Kabale is known for its commitment to community development and Mr. Godfrey Sempungu’s presentation was particularly focused on teamwork and displaying team results.

Club President Ms. Kyarikunda Justine expressed her gratitude to Mr. Godfrey Sempungu for accepting her invitation as a guest speaker and sharing his expertise with the Rotary Club of Kabale.

She commended his efforts to promote effective communication at the University.

“We are so appreciative of Mr. Godfrey Sempungu for his enlightening talk on communication and teamwork. “Rtn. Justine remarked.

As the session concluded, Rotary Club members and attendees were left with a renewed appreciation for the significance of communication in building strong teams and forging meaningful connections.

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    The community appreciates the work done by the Rotary Club of Kabale

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