Kabale University Library receives a donation of over 250 books

Kabale University Library receives a donation of over 250 books

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Joy Kwesiga has received over 250 books donated to the Kabale University Library this morning.

The books that were delivered by Dr. Grace Kalimugogo included her own donations while others were made by other benefactors, including; the former Chancellor of Kabale University, Justice Professor Dr. George W. Kanyeihamba, FEMRITE – the Uganda Women Writers’ Association, Ms. Doris Kwesiga, and Dr. Robert Rutaagi.

Prof. Kwesiga appreciated all people who have supported the University through donations of books to the Library. She thanked the Kalimugogo family for having donated encyclopedias, video decks and cassettes to support students at the university in the past.

A section of books delivered to the library this morning

Dr. Kalimugogo, a medical doctor by profession who worked in Ethiopia until she retired from the African Union, said that she was proud to be one of the people who have made a contribution to the University.

“We have donated these books to encourage our students and staff at the University to read. It is not a culture of Ugandans to read, but I hope the availability of books will compel the university community to read hard, she added”.

Among the books donated, over 140 were for Medicine, over 110 were for Literature, and 20 were for Kiswahili.

The staff representatives who accompanied the Vice Chancellor to witness the function, including Dean of KABSOM, Prof. James Tumwine, Head of English Language Department, Dr. Constance Tukwasibwe, Dean FEMS, Prof. Caleb Tamwesigire and Prof. Manuel Muranga  and the Librian, Dr. Bernard Bazirake. They welcomed the donations and said they were excited to receive various books which would enable their respective faculties to read and make references.



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