Speech from the Security Officer in Charge during First Years’ Orientation

Speech from the Security Officer in Charge during First Years’ Orientation

Thank you, members of management present, staff members, students, ladies and gentlemen in your respective capacities. Good afternoon.

Today is yet another day of joy for us in the History of Kabale University as we welcome you into this great institution of Higher Education in Kigezi Region.

Allow me to start by congratulating you upon your admission to Kabale University and to say thank you for choosing Kabale University as your number one choice in Uganda. I am ASP Okello George William, the OC of Kabale University police station.

I am here to share with you some highlights related to security (i.e. Duties of police)

  1. Protecting life and property from both internal and external threats.
  2. Prevention and detection of crime
  3. Apprehension of offenders
  4. Enforcement of rules and Regulations

However, much as police is here to protect life and property, security starts with you.

  • Be always inquisitive while at campus, halls of residence or in town by ensuring that you know the person whom you are dealing with.
  • Avoid using headsets while moving in dark lonely places

Be aware of behaviors or actions which may signal criminal activities such as.

  • Violence(strikes)
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Obtaining money by false presence

Report any suspicious person(s) or unlawful behavior to any relevant authority. Let us work together and create an environment that will support your staying here.

As I conclude allow me to inform you that security consciousness is not an inherent state of mind but it must be acquired.

I wish you a fruitful and enjoyable stay throughout your time at Kabale University.

For God and my country.

OC Kabale University Police post
C/ASP Okello George William
Mobile: 0776994449/0752994449

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