Learners have been advised to embrace digital technology as a means of acquiring skills.

Learners have been advised to embrace digital technology as a means of acquiring skills.

The call was made by the Kabale Municipal Council Deputy Town Clerk, Mr. Sunday Eric, addressing the learners during the closure of a five-day ICT training held at Kabale University Kikungiri Hill in Kabale Municipality.During training a total of 14 learners participated and they were awarded certificates of training in computing and records management at the Kabale University ICT innovation hub BootCamp. Sunday revealed that integration of technology in education can offer numerous benefits, such as increased access to information, interactive learning experiences, and the development of digital literacy skills.He added that by going digital, learners can access a wealth of educational resources online, including e-books, videos, interactive tutorials, and virtual simulations. This can enhance their understanding of various subjects and provide them with opportunities for self-paced learning.

“Digital platforms often offer collaborative tools that enable learners to connect and engage with peers and experts from around the world, fostering a global learning community,” Sunday quoted.

Prof Phelix Businge, the Dean Faculty of Computing, revealed that the boot camp was intended to provide P.7, O’Level, and A’Level leavers with hands-on computing and records management skills

He added that learners engaged in different computer systems training including developing professional documents, using word processor, spreadsheet and PowerPoint presentations, enabling students to gain skills in computer maintenance and repair, learning how to use the internet to communicate, research, access electronic academics, and equip students with records management skills in their day to day operations. He added the boot camp training was launched last year in 2023 and a total of 50 learners were awarded certificates, saying that this year’s  2nd Boot camp training 14 learners went home with certificates, 3 pupils were from primary seven, 7 students from senior four and four students from senior six

Prof. Businge emphasized the need for different stakeholders to fund the ICT Innovation Hub activities. He said that the engagement is in the fulfillment of the University’s mandate in its mission to give back to the community.

Akampurira Nicodemus, Senior four vacist a student of St Mary’s College Rushoroza Kabale, expressed gratitude for the skills in PowerPoint and records management he acquired during five-day training. He pledged for a continued relationship with Kabale University wherever he goes.

Mrs. Anny Katabaazi-Bwengye the DVC – Finance and Administration informed the vacists that Kabale University is a public University with several courses they could undertake. She asked them to make Kabale University their first choice of study to progress into their desired professions.

Mrs. Bwengye appealed to learners to use the skills acquired for a lifelong and ensure that they continue practicing for easy and quick job creation opportunities in future. He asked learners to be the ambassadors of Kabale University Out There.

Regional ICT Innovation Hub boot camp was a five-day training organized by the University’s Faculty of Computing, Library, and Information Sciences to give back to the community in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance.


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