KAB gains admission to the African Universities Association

KAB gains admission to the African Universities Association

This June, Kabale University was admitted to the Association of African Universities. This presents Kabale University with the opportunity of interacting with many reputable African Universities. The African Universities Association also avails KAB visibility, especially in the areas of the university mandate of teaching, Research and Community Engagement. Above all, it presents a continental benchmarking space for KAB and its faculty.

The Association profiles information about the state of Universities on the African subcontinent. It collectively helps to shape policy for higher education, science, and innovation, promotes best practices in undergraduate and graduate education and strengthens the contributions of research conducted in universities to society. The AAU has its secretariat in Ghana’s capital Accra and it brings together over 420 universities from all the countries of the African subcontinent.

The vision of the AAU is to be the leading advocate for higher education in Africa, with the capacity to provide support for its member institutions in meeting national, continental and global needs. Several partner universities have already actualised some of the key strategic areas of the association, viz:

  • Leading in the Favourable Policy Environment. The AAU leads to dialogue and policy debates around the key issues in African higher education, especially with the role of promoting universities in sustainable development.
  • The association has also committed resources and been intentional in strengthening the institutional capacity of the key stakeholders.
  • The promotion of harmonization, standardization and collaboration among the partner African universities and the other key partners. This has been done through widened networking and collaboration.
  • Resource mobilization for sustainability is among other strategic areas where sustainable financing mechanisms are also explored.

The association was formed in 1963 at the University of Khartoum following a decision of the African Heads of Higher Education. This was followed by a founding conference of 34 African Universities held at Mohammed V University in Rabat in Morocco on the 27th of November in 1967.

Kabale University is very optimistic that her presence on the AAU platform will step up her dialogue space and also increase her involvement in continental research and dialogue in areas of academic interest with other partners. Besides the Association TV, newsletter and other cross-media platforms, the different partner activities are regularly broadcast on the association’s digital space. The Vice Chancellor Prof. Joy Kwesiga expressed her happiness at this milestone in the history of KAB. Because of this membership, all staff shall be eligible to receive the AAU e-newsletter among many other benefits.

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