KAB holds the annual staff day for the 2023/2024 academic year

KAB holds the annual staff day for the 2023/2024 academic year

KAB has held the Annual Staff Day for the 2023/2024 academic year. The event, which brought together all staff members, aimed at engaging them in team-building activities, sharing updates, discussing goals, and fostering a sense of community within the University. The event was held at the Kikungiri Hall which houses the Faculty of Education.

The Day began with a speech from the Senior Communications and Branding Officer, Mr. Godfrey Sempungu who emphasized the significance of efficient customer care for the students under the care of the staff members.He encouraged the staff to recognize their role not only as educators but also as mentors and guides who contribute to the overall development of the students

Mr. Sempungu  also reminded the staff of the importance of students in the institution and their responsibility in providing a supportive and conducive environment for the students’ learning and growth.  “Customer care is not a department in KAB, each one of us is plays customer care. we the staff are the professionals at the forefront of dealing with the students. Therefore each of us should try to raise high the KAB brand”, He added.

The Chief Human Resource Management, Mr. Samson Olum noted that KAB promotes equal employment opportunities and prohibits discriminatory practices and harassment, skills development of staff to maximize their contribution to the fulfillment of the university’s objectives, and the culture of learning, development and continuous improvement aimed at benefiting both the University and individual staff.

Mr. Olum called upon the staff to have a clear understanding of the laws concerning higher education learning, noting the importance of legal compliance and adherence to regulations within the context of KAB’s operations. Following his address, he led the staff in swearing oaths of secrecy. This action implies that there might be sensitive information within the institution that requires confidentiality and protection.

The Vice Chancellor, Prof. Joy Kwesiga, expressed gratitude to the staff for their commendable efforts and acknowledged that every individual present was united in their endeavor to enhance the development of this esteemed institution. She emphasized the significance of perceiving the university as a catalyst for personal advancement and a defining element of their own identities.

Prof. Ben K. Twinomugisha, the Chief Guest and Chairperson of the KAB Tribunal, urged staff to uphold integrity, highlighting that being a Public University, KAB holds ethical behavior, honesty, and moral principles in high regard. He emphasized that teaching should not be solely driven by financial motives, but rather should aim to create a lasting impact and foster the success of students.

“I want to share from my experience as an educator, that while you are in the role of teaching, you are actively involved in shaping the development of individuals, contributing significantly to their growth and character”, he added.

Prof. Twinomugisha also emphasized that the KAB Tribunal is committed to consistently providing a fair platform for addressing staff appeals, thereby advancing equity and fairness throughout its proceedings.  “The Tribunal’s operations will be marked by impartiality, carefully weighing all pertinent details and viewpoints prior to reaching conclusions”, he noted.


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