Kabale University donates over 450 Volumes of books to Kabale branch of Public Libraries

Kabale University donates over 450 Volumes of books to Kabale branch of Public Libraries

As an act of community out-reach, Kabale University donated over 450 volumes of books to Kabale branch of Public Libraries covering the areas of general knowledge, English, Mathematics, Life science, Physical science, History, Political Science and children books.

Books are for use, every book should find it’s user” as extracted from the Five laws of library Science proposed by S. R. Ranganathan, The University found out that with in it’s Library collection, there were books of lower levels that could not easily find a user at a university level. The University management therefore found it wise to give these books to the Public Library which has a wider user community in which some of these books could find their users.

The University invited Kabale branch of public Libraries to take the books to the Library as a donation. The ceremony of handing over these books took place at Kabale University Kikungiri campus on 5th April 2018.

This ceremony was presided over by the acting Vice Chancellor Prof. Ezra Twesigomwe who elucidated the importance of books in the community. He said that Public libraries are very important in providing knowledge to a wide range of users ranging from adults to children including University students and staff. He further said that unlike University Libraries, Public Libraries open doors to all sorts of readers and it is therefore important to equip them with reading materials to serve the community.

The Ass. Town Clerk Southern Division Mr. Alex Beingana appreciated the offer and thanked the University. He said this was the first donation to the Library in the region. He assured the University that the books will be put to good use, display them and encourage library users to use them. He re-affirmed the fact that Kabale Public Library is used by a range of users including University students. He praised the University management for the right decision taken to donate these books to the public Library.

He said that if these books were given to a school, they would be used by that school alone but the fact that they were given to a Public Library, they will serve all the schools and other academic institutions besides the general public.

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