Prof. Benon Basheka of Kabale University presents a Webinar on the role of monitoring and evaluation in the COVID-19 pandemic

Prof. Benon Basheka of Kabale University presents a Webinar on the role of monitoring and evaluation in the COVID-19 pandemic

Professor Basheka who is a Professor of Governance at Kabale University and the first Deputy Vice Chancellor-Academic Affairs presented a webinar to the group of 120 participants. The presentation was coordinated by the South African Monitoring and Evaluation Association (SAMEA). The Webinar was presented on 30th April 2020. This webinar was intended to examine the role of M and E in the whole equation of government interventions. Some important questions were discussed.

First, was how M and E professionals can measure the effectiveness of the interventions amidst the lockdown? The second was how evidence was being generated and applied in the fight against the pandemic and the exact role M and E professionals could play. Thirdly, he examined the challenges professionals are likely to experience and how technology could be used as an appropriate strategy for increasing their participation.

In his presentation, he explained how at the close of 2019 (December) and shortly before New Year 2020 set in, news started streaming from Wuhan, a Chinese town of an outbreak of what has now become a global nuisance –the corona virus (COVID 19). Few people across the world then could have picked interest in such a story but its ravaging impact has almost made every person aware of not only its danger but the various dimensions it has taken to the global society.

Contextually, he pointed out that governments have responded to the pandemic with almost uniform response-close airspaces and all borders, close schools and institutions, close all religious and social gatherings, close public transport systems, and close all forms of social gatherings. Some governments have also positively intervened through the distribution of food items to the most vulnerable masses who are on the verge of starvation. Directives continue to be given on almost daily basis of what else needs to be done.

Unfortunately, cases of reported infections keep growing. The national task teams and presidencies in different countries have taken charge of the war against the pandemic. Through the help of the military and security systems of countries, curfews have been introduced. Prison centers have however remained functional and those who go against the directives are herded into detention facilities. Courts have closed businesses and governments have equally closed most services. World economies and systems have almost come to a halt. The presentation can be accessed at the Kabale University website: or at his personal web page at

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