Kabale University Hosts Guests from Italy

Kabale University Hosts Guests from Italy

Kabale University played host to visitors from Rome in Italy. This was on the 3rd June 2022 at the KAB main campus at Kikungiri. They included Prof. Katiuscia Cipri from  the Sapienzia University of Rome, Ms Sara Cozzone & Ms Annalisa Cavallini from ASUD.  They were received by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Joy Kwesiga together with some members of the University Management. She welcomed the guests to Kabale University and she introduced some of the members of staff who were present. In a meeting that included representatives from the Faculty of Engineering Technology Applied Design and Fine Art, Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences and Some Members from the University Management.

In her remarks, the Vice Chancellor gave a brief background of the University from the Private Community University to the current Public University. She mentioned the growing student enrollment and the staffing levels. Professor Kwesiga pointed out how some Kabale University Staff have benefited from the Centers of Excellence like Mr Cartland Richard who is studying for his Ph.D. at the University of Rwanda in renewable energy. She further pointed out that under the Inter-University Council of East Africa, there is a Staff Mobility program under which staff apply to stay in a different University for a period between three to four months. Kabale University has been actively involved in this program and she has received several staff from different universities in East Africa under that same arrangement.

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Finance and Administration Mrs. Anny Bwengye Katabaazi pointed out that the University has a young faculty and is still in the process of building the staff careers in their different Professionals. Currently, there are limited opportunities under Staff Development and they would look forward to possible opportunities of the Staff Exchange Programme with willing partners.

The representative of the Dean Faculty of Engineering Technology applied Design and Fine Art, Mr Isaac Kitone, made a presentation that highlighted the academic Programmes being offered at the Faculty, the Staffing Levels, and community outreach programmes.  He highlighted the fact that the faculty has been able to get involved in some key activities such as ‘we share Solar’ where solar lighting panels have been installed in over 50 Secondary Schools across the country in partnership with an American NGO based in California. He mentioned some of the areas that the faculty needs support through gainful collaborations.

Professor Bamwerinde the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences in his presentation pointed out that the Faculty Staff and Students interfaced with different farmers in different areas, it was realized that majorly due to limited space there was over-cultivation of the available fragmented pieces of land and gradually soil fertility levels were going down. Due to land shortages, marginal areas were being encroached on which in the long run would affect the gazetted features which urgently need attention to train communities on better methods of farming that can protect some of the key physical features like Lake Bunyonyi. He further pointed out the students are having study sessions with farmers across Lake Bunyonyi to have one-to-one discussions in order to come up with meaningful ways to solve problems affecting the beautiful lake Bunyonyi that is on the verge of destruction.

Professor Bamweride said the faculty is involved in some innovations that can help in adding value to the income of the local farmers by increasing revenue collected from the local products hence improving the per capita income of the local farmers.

Katiuscia Cipri expressed her appreciation for the good reception she and her colleagues were given at Kabale University.  She appreciated the presentations made by the different staff of the University and promised to contact the Sapienza University International Office for possible networking opportunities and the Staff Mobility for visiting Lecturers.

She expressed optimism about working with KAB in possible areas in the capacity building in renewable energy among others. In her closing remarks, the Vice-Chancellor thanked the entire team and looked forward to the possible partnerships with the Sapienza University and ASUD.

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