“I am just a lucky rural girl from Mparo” Joy C Kwesiga, Vice-Chancellor to Faculty of Education Recess Students

“I am just a lucky rural girl from Mparo” Joy C Kwesiga, Vice-Chancellor to Faculty of Education Recess Students

Prof. Joy C Kwesiga (Vice-Chancellor)

Some members of the University management today joined the staff in the Faculty of education in the orientation of the Faculty’s recess students. They were led by Prof. Joy Kwesiga, the Vice Chancellor. In his opening remarks, Dr. Francis Akena, the Faculty Dean welcomed the students and reminded them of the unique opportunity they have to be admitted to KAB. He highlighted the uniqueness of Kabale University as a special study destination for custom-made learning solutions and programmes. He intimated that Kabale University programmes are gaining popularity in professional networks. These include BEP BES, PGDE and DEP,

Dr. Francis Akena Adyanga (Dean, Faculty of Education)

Dr. Akena thanked the students for choosing to be responsive to the call for further education. He reminded them about the importance of following the available channels of communication at the University. He welcomed all to Kabale University (KAB) and wished them a good stay! Dr. Akena said, “Our degree is admissible nationally and internationally across borders, we don’t want to reduce on the quality of our degree”. He invited the Deputy Academic Registrar to address the students.

The Deputy Academic Registrar also welcomed the recess students and reminded them that the university has been waiting for them to arrive.  He reiterated the willingness of KAB to always receive working students. He reminded them that their sweat will not be in vain if they remain committed to the tasks of their education. He reiterated the university’s commitment to helping recess students through the remote learning model that is tailored for recess students and KAB. He shared the key information for the students to know through registration and studying so as to have a harmonious stay at the university.

Mr Tibenderana Narcicir (Academic Registrar)

Mr. Narcicir Tibenderana the University Academic Registrar welcomed the students and gave them key remarks that would help their learning experience. He emphasized using the experience and the time spent here to make useful gains in their learning. He reminded them about the importance of having the right gadgets to support the learning process, such as smartphones. Mr. Narcicir emphasised discipline as another of the key values that will be needed if they are to succeed in their learning journey. He advised them to desist from vices such as cheating.

The Vice-chancellor thanked the staff for receiving the students. She reiterated her availability for the students. She introduced herself as a lucky rural girl from Mparo! She encouraged the students not to stop learning. She reminded them to develop a positive attitude toward learning and adopting continuing education. In times when there is also online learning, education has been made easy. She said, “Don’t miss the opportunity to always study and learn” Prof Kwesiga. She also encouraged the students to pick an interest in the ongoing current activities in the nation.

She reminded them to be on top of the learning curve if they are to be above their students at their places of work. She mentioned some of the challenges that they shall get during their course of study and how they can overcome some of them. She reiterated the issue of discipline as key, especially for those who are teachers of young learners. Kwesiga highlighted the need for the faculty to pay attention to student mothers who have children. There is already a facility that KAB put up to support lactating student mothers.

She thanked the Faculty of Education for receiving the students. She committed to ensuring that they have a comfortable life at KAB where they will not have many worries. She raised the avenues that are available in case they need support, especially in areas such as sexual harassment and bribery. She reminded the students that the university is in the stage of recruiting more new staff and they are happy to have the students in big numbers. The university remains very committed to seeing that together with the students they will build the country and the university together. She promised to continue supporting the staff training to increase the capacity of the staff in handling adult learners.

Several students asked questions and expressed their appreciation for being admitted to KAB. Some students such as Ainomugisha Racheal said “I will be part of this university, I will be someone who is very wonderful because of my stay at KAB”. Bright Byamugisha who graduated from KAB in 2019 said he was happy to return to KAB which has very good lecturers.

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