Directors, Deans and Heads of departments oriented about new university policies

Directors, Deans and Heads of departments oriented about new university policies

On Wednesday 14th an information dissemination workshop was organized by the Office of the University Secretary. The Directors, Deans, Heads of Departments, and other key team leaders at Kabale University attended this workshop. This was largely aimed at sharing the latest information updates them about the different policies that had been approved by the University Council from time to time.

Ahimbisibwe Judith
Ms. Judith Ahimbisibwe (University Legal Officer)

The University Legal officer, Ms Judith Ahimbisibwe submits that: “it was necessary for these leaders to know the updates done in the University policies and disseminate the information in their respective directorates and faculties. Among the things that were discussed was the Sexual harassment, Gender and inclusiveness policy.

In the training, Ms Ahimbisibwe highlighted that sexual harassment and gender discrimination are realities that usually happen in our societies. It was important that the leaders are empowered in the University to have a zero-tolerance of violations of this and other policies.

It was in the same workshop that Professor Grace Modupe Adepo, who is a professor of gender and rural development presented a paper on the Rationale of Policy regulation on gender and sexual harassment in institutions of higher learning. She argued that “this was such a right time because gender discrimination and sexual harassment are happening under our noses. Students and staff need to be aware of them and be empowered to speak about them and against them openly” Modupe alluded to the bible verse Romans 5:13 “Where there is no law there is no sin”

Professor Modupe emphasised that “the university has enacted a new policy on gender and sexual harassment and there is a need for implementation of this policy hence the need for the university staff to come together to learn about the necessity of the implementation of gender and sexual harassment policy in the university. “In this same workshop Staff were asked to encourage students to dress appropriately.

Prof. Joy C Kwesiga (Vice Chancellor) giving her remarks

The staff members suggested that the university can define or even have a dress code policy for students that way they are empowering them. The possibility of the university putting up a centre for gender studies in which these issues can be discussed and policies developed was encouraged. This centre particularly would focus on gender issues and have cross-cutting courses on values and ethics.

Other university policies that were discussed and approved by the university council that were shared with the staff are:

  1. The Research and Publications policy
  2. The fire safety policy
  3. Occupational safety and health policy

The Vice Chancellor, Professor Joy Kwesiga graced the workshop and expressed her optimism that the policies should do a good job of creating the desired behaviour at Kabale University.

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