Kabale University Staff Training on Fire Safety

Kabale University Staff Training on Fire Safety

Across section of the University, staff had training on Fire Safety on the 11th November 2020 at Kikungiri Campus. This training was organized by the Estates Department and it was aimed at equipping University Staff from different Faculties, departments and Units with basic knowledge about how to guard against fire and how to fight fire once it has started. The Training was facilitated by Fire Man Richard Atuheire (Mr.) from Mbarara Fire Experts

In his opening remarks, Eng. Ngirabakunzi Emmanuel, the Estates Officer, welcomed the facilitator and the participants for turning up at a short notice for the training. He said that the training was timely as there were many occurrences of fire outbreaks in Schools, Institutions and Markets.  He hoped that the knowledge that would be got from the training would be beneficial for the University, as participants would have acquired knowledge about how to prevent fire outbreaks within the Institution and how to manage it once it has occurred.

He added that the training had come at a time when the University was in the process of preparing a Fire Policy and that knowledge gained from the training would be incorporated in the policy.

The facilitator Mr. F.M Atuhaire Richard from Mbarara Fire Experts took the trainees through an interesting programme which covered:

  • Causes of fire i.e. Arson, Negligence, Accidents and Electricity
  • Stages of fire i.e. Young stage, Smoldering stage and Free burning stage;
  • Classes of fire i.e. A,B,C,D,E & K;

The Facilitator took participants through the roles of a Fire Warden with the main one being to ensure that the Institution (University) is free from fire incidents and that if they do occur, they do so with minimum destruction to property and life.

He took the participants through the exercise of how to operate a Fire Extinguisher.
This was done practically in the field where a number of participants had hands-on training.

The training had interludes of questions and answers and participants requested for more training and it was agreed that training will be taking place once a year. After the training, the Participants qualified as Fire Wardens.

In her closing remarks, Mrs. Peace Tindyebwa, the Deputy University Secretary, thanked the facilitator for the good and lively training which had kept all participants attentive.

She thanked the Estates Department for organizing such wonderful training which was very beneficial to University staff for both the University and their homes.

She declared the training closed.

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