Kabale University Tourism Students Embark on a Thrilling Three-Day Journey to Semliki National Park

 Kabale University Tourism Students Embark on a Thrilling Three-Day Journey to Semliki National Park

In an exciting educational endeavour, students from the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality embarked on a three-day expedition to Semliki National Park – Bundibugyo district, immersing themselves in the breathtaking natural beauty and wildlife that Uganda has to offer.

This hands-on training and practical approach help students to experience and develop more skills in the field of tourism and hospitality and also apply theoretical knowledge to actual scenarios.

With a passion for tourism and a thirst for adventure, a group of forty-seven enthusiastic students in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd years set out on this journey to Semliki National Park on Friday Morning.

Semliki National Park is known for its lush landscapes, diverse fauna, and unique hot springs. The trip aimed to provide the students with real-world insights into the tourism industry while allowing them to experience firsthand the treasures of their own country.

The expedition was a perfect opportunity for learning and recreation. The students were accompanied by lecturers from the institute that provided valuable commentary and guidance throughout the journey. The trip allowed the students to apply their classroom knowledge to a practical setting, enhancing their understanding of ecotourism, wildlife conservation, and sustainable travel practices.

Most of these students that participated are interested in specializing in either tour guiding or hospitality.

During their three-day trip, the students were treated to enriching experiences;- Guided nature walks around Semliki Forest, showed the area’s rich biodiversity, like various species of flora and fauna that are unique to the region one of the special plant species being the Tabernaemontana donnell-smithii that has a number of medicinal values.

The highlight of the tour was the visit to the park’s renowned vegetation that is supported by soils with high salt components, hot springs – Sempaya hot springs which have high temperatures up to 98degrees Celsius.

The students not only marveled at the natural spectacle of boiling water erupting from the ground but also learned about the geological significance and local cultural beliefs associated with the hot springs.

At the same hot springs, students boiled bananas, sweet potatoes and eggs which was experimental.

Reflecting on the trip, one of the students from the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, shared, “This journey has been an eye-opener for all of us.”

Dr. Christine Ampumuza, Head of the Institute of Tourism and Hospitality, expressed her belief and satisfaction with the trip’s outcomes.

“This is entirely an educational trip. Of course, you’re going to have some fun but make sure you learn something,” she said before the students headed out for their field study.

Dr. Christine further added that experiential learning is an integral part of the institute’s curriculum. Saying that the tour shall allow students to gain practical insights that will undoubtedly shape their careers in the tourism industry especially those who intend to be guides in the future.

The successful three-day tour to Semliki National Park stands as a testament to Kabale University’s commitment to providing immersive education to its students.

The trip happened just a day after the successful launch of the new Institute of Tourism and Hospitality. According to the current Head of the Institute, Dr. Christine Ampumuza, the Institute aims at being an International Center of Excellence in Tourism Studies and Research.

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