Kabale University Outreach Team Inspires Students at Mungaara Primary School

Kabale University Outreach Team Inspires Students at Mungaara Primary School

On April 5th, 2024, an outreach team from Kabale University made a significant visit to Mungaara Primary School in Rubanda District, Muko Sub-county in Kenyi Parish. This visit aimed to uplift and motivate students towards academic excellence while fostering community support and engagement.

For over four decades, Mungaara Primary School, a Church founded school and government-aided has provided education for students hailing from Muko and Bubare Subcounties. Recognizing the importance of nurturing young minds and giving back to the community, the Communications, Branding, and Marketing Department of Kabale University arranged this career visit, collaborating with staff from the Mathematics Department.

During the visit, the team took the opportunity to inspect one of the classroom blocks under construction at the school. In a gesture of support and unity, the Communications Department pledged ten bags of cement to aid in the completion of the construction project.

Additionally, the outreach team made generous pledges toward enhancing the school’s facilities. Among these pledges were a school bell and wall clock, crucial items for ensuring efficient time management and organization within the school environment.

Dr. Namayanja Proscovia, representing the Faculty of Science, contributed ten mathematical sets to the primary seven candidates. Dr. Proscovia emphasized the importance of excelling in subjects like Mathematics, noting a previous year’s performance analysis that highlighted areas of improvement in the subject. Her donation aimed to encourage students to excel in scientific disciplines and to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.

Mr. Kwehangana Julius, the headmaster of Mungaara Primary School, conveyed his gratitude to the team from Kabale University for their thoughtful donation of cement and other items to the school. He expressed his delight at Kabale University being the first university to visit the school in the past four decades.

The outreach visit was not only a demonstration of Kabale University’s commitment to education and community engagement but also a proof of collaboration and support in fostering academic success and growth among students.

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